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Dalmatian regions have always had special feelings regarding gastronomy. BaškaVoda, a sort of pearl of the Croatian tourism, proudly offers plenty of quality content to its visitors, from seeing the numerous natural and cultural sights to enjoying in top quality meals and gastronomic specialties.


Welcome to the “Bracera”


Having the attributes of verified quality,

specialness, atmosphere and accessibility as

well as high German mark of TUV certificate

in gastronomy which is also the first of its kind

regarding excellence in BaškaVoda, the

“Bracera” restaurant instills confidence into

each of the guests and always provides a unique

feeling of connectedness.







Each year the Falstaff Magazine as one of the

best-selling gastronomic magazines for the

area of Austria, Germany and Switzerland

awards prizes to the best restaurants.

The “Bracera” restaurant from

BaškaVoda is the winner of the

prestigious Austrian award of

the Falstaff Magazine.

The Bracera restaurant received the extremely valuable recognition from

the well-known Austrian gastronomic Falstaff Magazine which ranked the Bracera restaurant

from BaškaVoda among 10 000 best restaurants in the world.  Carefully chosen fresh supplies, autochthonous homemade fresh food, systematic gastronomic education of the restaurant staff, interestingly chosen menu recipes are recognized and awarded on the world level.






EXQUISITE quality with signature

The “Bracera” restaurant is the winner

of the “Exquisite” certificate.


The Exquisite certificate is awarded after performing three control processes by the eminent experts from the food-catering-hotel industry sector, members of the expert council and appointed auditors

of the Exquisite certificate. The first control process comprises a thorough control of the hygienic conditions in the facility, reception process control and food storage and processing.

The second control process is related to the rating of preparing, serving and organoleptic properties of food.

The third control process is the rating of the catering service. The precondition for performing the three control processes is the top elegance of the interior and the exterior space of the facility.





If you have the need to announce your visit in advance (date, number of guests, table position, menu type...) you can get all information at: RESERVATIONS 098/177-91-68      

TUV / Certificate of quality - Business meetings - Special occasions - Families with children - Couples - Group visits

It is more than a restaurant!